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Who We Are

I'm Wendy (and Jacob), owner of Bloom Event Studio.
A multi-use event venue and content creation community space.

Our vision for this boutique venue space is to create a beautiful, blank canvas that can be transformed into any event or gathering you desire. From bridal showers to birthdays, baby showers to graduations, our venue is the perfect place to host your next celebration. With a capacity of up to 75 guests, our space is intimate enough for small gatherings, yet spacious enough to accommodate larger events.

We will have a podcast recording studio and photography studio to offer

a multi-use content and event creation space open to the public.

In addition to hosting private events, we believe in giving back to our community by providing a space for community events. From local charity events to cultural celebrations, our venue is available for any event that brings people together and supports our community. 

We are committed to education and empowerment. Our space will offer classes and workshops designed to educate and inspire. Whether it's learning a new skill, discovering a new passion, or expanding your knowledge in business, we believe in providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our venue will be a place that supports mothers, we understand the unique challenges that come with motherhood. We will offer a variety of memberships, family and kid-friendly specific events and resources to support mothers at all stages of their journey. We are here to provide a safe and welcoming space for all mothers and their families. 

We look forward to providing you the perfect room to BLOOM!

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